Los Angeles – Southern California photos – 1900 – 1909

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McKinley visit 1901 Main Street

Above photo: Main Street, looking north from around 6th Street. Photo was taken on May 8, 1901, the day U.S. President William McKinley visited Los Angeles.   The Los Angeles High School football team, circa 1899-1900. According to the Los Angeles Times, the high school occasionally played colleges and universities to fill its season. For instance, […]


Olvera Street – Photos

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Olvera Street

A woman sits at a sandstone water trough on the the north end of Olvera Street, circa 1930s. The trough dates back to 1897.   Olvera Street in 1925.   Street musicians on the porch of the Avila Adobe. (LAPL)       The El Paseo de Los Angeles, 1934. The La Golondrina Mexican Cafe […]


Yuma Land Rush in Los Angeles – 1910

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RUSH FOR LAND ON; SCORES IN LINE ALL NIGHT Yuma Homeseekers Camp Outside Doors of Auditorium READY FOR DRAWING Thousands Expected in Rush for Tract Opened by Government. LOS ANGELES HERALD March 1, 1910 — Yuma land seekers began to form a line in front of the Shrine Auditorium at 8 o’clock last evening, and […]

Bizarre Tales

Los Angeles – Cecil Hotel Deaths

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Cecil Hotel suicide

The Cecil Hotel was never a hotel that received and earned a lot of respect. The middle-class hotel was built on the site of a home that had later been converted into a chicken farm/pet store called the Fancier’s Exchange. This chicken ranch store stayed in business into the 1920s before the property was sold […]