Silent Film Stars

Martha Mansfield

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Mystery Of What Burned Martha Mansfield To Death How Were They Kindled, and by Whose Hand — the Flames That So Strangely Wrapped the Lovely Young Film Star in Their Cruel Embrace and Quickly Killed Her? The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 30, 1923 As her thousands of sorrowing admirers already know, Martha Mansfield, the charming young […]


Los Angeles Athletic Club

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The Los Angeles Athletic Club, designed by architects John Parkinson and Edwin Bergstrom, was nicknamed “the Club” shortly after it opened in 1912. Its address is 431 West Seventh Street. According to Photoplay Magazine, the Los Angeles Athletic Club quickly became the “capital of the screen rialto – the Lambs, Players and Friars rolled into one.” […]

Bizarre Tales

Andy Gump’s Hot Dog ‘Dump’

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Andy Gump's Hot Dog 'Dump'

Wife Fades Out of Andy Gump’s Hot Dog ‘Dump’ Los Angeles Times, February 18, 1927  Marian G. Turner, by decree of Judge Summerfield, is out of “Andy Gump’s Dump” in El Monte. She passed out yesterday at the same time that Beryl R. Turner passed out of her life. Mrs. Turner was awarded a decree […]


Gene Kelly – Photos and Quotes

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Gene Kelly Jerry Anchors Aweigh 1945

“Kids talk to me and say they want to do musicals again because they’ve studied the tapes of the old films. We didn’t have that. We thought once we had made it, even on film, it was gone except for the archives.”— Gene Kelly   “You know, that Kelly, he’s just terrific. That’s all there […]

Haunted L.A.

Haunted: Genesee’s “Neighborhood Ghost”

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Neighborhood Ghost

Allegedly haunted: Private residence on Genesee Ave. The following is a partially transcribed ghost story told to me by a couple, Willis and CC, during a taped interview. Not only did I change the couple’s names to protect their identity, but I also edited the transcript so that their ghost story is more focused and easier to understand. […]

Forgotten Stars

Phyllis Crane – 1930s Film Player

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Phyllis Crane

Phyllis Crane (1914-1982) was a low-level contract player who’s best known for her appearances in a handful of Columbia comedy shorts. Mini Bio Crane was born in Calgary, Canada. As a youngster, she started out in vaudeville. Sometime in the late 1920s, she and her mother, Margaret, moved to Los Angeles. In 1928, Crane made her film debut […]

Haunted L.A.

Haunted Los Angeles: Wolf Lair Castle

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Wolf Lair Castle

Allegedly haunted: Wolf Lair Castle, located at 2869 Durand Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90068.   Wolf Lair Castle (aka Wolf’s Castle) is a 1927 storybook mansion built on 3.3 acres in the Hollywood Hills. Its haunted reputation dates back at least 40 years. Back in the 1970s, these ghost stories were spread via word-of-mouth. Then in 1982, it went […]